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"Survival of our species is linked to education" (Curzon, 1990).

International-Curricula Educators Association is a teacher community founded in 2008, to relate education to sustainable development and global citizenship, through community participation and curricula design. ICEA began working in Egypt as a registered charity ( No. 7451) and now operating at the United Kingdom, maintaining a partnership with several NGOs and educational institutions to promote sustainability awareness in Africa and worldwide.

International Curricula Educators Association is the country winner of Educating Africa Award, 2011 for entrepreneurship in education and was an accredited major group for Rio+20, the world's earth summit

The founder and president of ICEA, Gihan Soliman, has made several initiatives to promote education for sustainable development in Egypt and has been also nominated as a semi-finalist in the MIT Forum Enterprise Competition for the project Sinai Sustainability Cybernetics Centre.

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ICEA coordinates with a wide variety of institutions and partners and would like to hear from you.

Here are trusted partner companies commended by ICEA.
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Forum UNESCO University and Heritage, a shared responsibility with the World Heritage Centre
Teach a Man to Fish

Unit F5, 89-93 Fonthill Road
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"ICEA is committed to raising awareness on sustainability issues and coordinating for resilience, conservation and sustainable communities, through creative educational solutions and consultancy.
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As a signatory of the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative, which International-Curricula Educators Association joined at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ICEA, made a commitment to promote sustainability through not-for-profit activities, publication, and global partnership. 

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Gihan S. Soliman, BA, PGCE, MSc, Soil Sci

Carmen Caprilis, BSc, MSc
Rachel Swan, BSc, PGCE, MSc
John Kamel
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ICEA acknowledges the voluntary and invaluable contribution of:

Dr Prof Ahmed Abdel Azeem, Suez Canal University.
Dr Mohammed Abdel Muneim, Al Nile University.
Khalid Hamid
Mohamed Abdel Meguid
Basem Hussein

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